This piece consist of several smaller pieces, mostly my collection of shaders, materials and particles I have done through out my education at The Game Assembly. I set out to create atleast two well composed scenes that complements my collection.

Some of these shaders and post-process materials is also applied in the other work of this portfolio. The character model was provided by Olof Eneroth

Project Blue

I this scene I experimented with several different materials, such as cellshading, multicolored fog, water and a glitch like material. Emphasis on the fog to create a sense of depth.

Project Orange:

In this scene I tried to recreate the look of an old anime on your good and trusty VHS tape. This with the help of cell shading, outlines, colour distorion and panning scanlines.

Project Scan:

In this project I based the core gameplay loop around the outline post processing. The player must scan the enviroment to dodge potential traps.

Shader Slideshow:

This slideshow consists of some materials and shaders I have done through out The Game Assembly.

Simon Carlsson - Technical Game Designer